Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Small Luxury Yachting Series
Cruise News
An update for booked Adventurers
Issue #1  - January 2013

General Info:
When:                                  September 14, 2013 – September 21, 2013
Ship:                                    Tere Moana by Paul Gauguin Cruises
Port of Embarkation:             Istanbul, Turkey
Port of Debarkations:            Athens, Greece
Itinerary:                              Istanbul, Limnos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Milos,  
Total # Passengers:              90  
Travelers:                            Couples & Single Females only

A note from
We want to welcome all of our erotic travelers to the first issue of Cruise News for our Ménage a Med 2013 Cruise and to thank you for joining this very select group of merry and erotic travelers.

You will be receiving a new issue filled with updated info every 3-4 months until we sail on our adventure together. We are super excited about this trip for so many reasons and obviously so are all of you since it is already 70% booked.  

While this is our 2nd year in a row plying the waters of the Med with the sexiest and most interesting group of travelers in the world, this year is the continuation of our Small Luxury Yachting Series. This is the ultimate in luxury, eroticism and adventure ever offered.

There is a reason why was the originator and is the leader in Luxury Lifestyle Vacations, innovation and catering to your requests. This adventure on the Moana represents just that, a unique environment and a new erotic experience never before offered and we are so glad you have chosen to experience this with us.

Hugs & Kisses,

Lori & Jonathan

About Our Itinerary
We have chosen a very unique and fun itinerary with an eye towards wonderful Greek Isles experiences. But not only are we going to places most cruisers never get to but, even on popular islands like Mykonos, we will be anchoring off of beaches never graced by typical cruise passengers but rather only bare boaters and super yachts.

As an example, let’s look at our planned stop in Mykonos. We will arrive offshore from the famous and infamous Paradise Beach where you will arrive on the beach in the Moana’s Zodiac just like the other super yachts in the harbor. After a wonderful day of fun, sun and whatever, while you are cleaning up for dinner we will reposition to Old Town so we can explore and party the night away in one of the hottest and craziest night spots in the Med. Then early in the AM while we are all sleeping we will reposition to Super Paradise beach for another day of debauchery on the sand.

It will be our goal to expose you to new experiences even for those who have been to the Greek Isles numerous times.  More importantly, this is an erotic lifestyle event and in the Greek Isles you will be able to be even more hedonistic than normal.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ménage a Asia
                                                                                                  Lifestyle 2014

Yes, for all of you Lusty Loyalty members (those who have traveled previously with are Lusty Loyalty members) you already know the main ingredients of a Shoes adventure that keeps you coming back;

·      Camaraderie
Our famous summer camp for adults atmosphere (always in a 5-star setting)

·      Sexy & Fascinating Couples From Around The World
     “It’s not who throws the party it’s who shows up”

·      Erotic & Sensuous Environment

·      Fabulous Music & Wicked Theme Parties

Now add to this magical, mysterious, beautiful and indulgently sensuous part of the world a sexy cruise with 166 couples aboard the 5-star Paul Gauguin. The ship, full of sexy sailors, will be visiting Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Phuket and the islands of the Andaman Sea. Here you will explore the magnificent beauty by day and the wickedly sensuous delights at night.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

3rd Annual Caribbean Lifestyle Cruise Best One Yet! 3rd 2012 Annual Lifestyle
Caribbean Cruise the Best One Yet

4 years ago created the ultimate experience for upscale professional lifestyle and erotically inclined couples, their Annual Erotic Lifestyle Caribbean Cruise.

In January 2012 the 3rd annual cruise set sail from St Martin with 150 sexy couples from over a dozen countries on this full ship takeover take over of the newly remodeled Windstar, Windsurf for what was to become a week to remember.

For about half the ship it was the 2nd or 3rd time they had come, while others boarded with eyes wide with anticipation.

But of course this was not just your average voyage; it was a floating luxury lifestyle resort “Au Naturel”. By day, our sexy couples enjoyed everything from sexy fun and games to quiet times around the ship lounging with their favorite cocktail and meeting other sensuous couples.

The nights sizzled with hot theme parties like Leather and Lace, White Night, Diamonds and Things, Sexy Safari and Moulin Rouge. Everyone danced the night away to live bands and hot dance tunes from DJ Cruz. The nights continued to sizzle at the aft pool and bar to 4am. Many couples took a spin, so to speak, in our group playroom while others chose erotic play under the stars. Either way, the ship was rocking till dawn, in more ways than one.

The Lifestyle Caribbean Cruise managed to combine the best sexy features of your favorite resorts like Hedo and Desire yet add the missing components such as great food, top shelf drinks, luxury accommodations and impeccable service. 

The Verdict is in Cruise a Smash Hit, Again!

Post Cruise  -  Survey Results

3rd  Annual Lifestyle Caribbean Cruise
January 21st – 28th 2012
47% of Cruisers Responded

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the Cruise
Outstanding, Excellent or Very Good

How would you rate your overall experience with
Outstanding, Excellent or Very Good

I have or am considering booking future Cruises

How would you rate the level of service you received from the Windstar crew and staff
Outstanding, Excellent or Very Good

How would you rate the pre-cruise communication you received from
Outstanding, Excellent or Very Good

How would you rate the attentiveness and attention to detail of the Staff on the cruise
Outstanding, Excellent or Very Good

The Cruise met or Exceeded my expectations

Here are just a few comments from our guests:

Truly a unique experience and one that I hope we can repeat over and over again.

This was a sexy, fun vacation that made us even closer as a couple.

Outstanding Cruise! We met some truly great friends and had a wonderful time!

The 3rd Annual Erotic Caribbean Cruise 2012 far exceeded our execrations in every way. Everyone involved (both crew of the ship and provided an experience those only 300+ would love to repeat again. This trip is the best erotic, sexual, sensual, and private exploration of the Caribbean. My husband and I are privileged to meet new and long-lasting "friends" for future adventures in the Lifestyle.

This was our 3rd trip with Shoes Only on the Wind Surf and it was just as amazing as the previous two. As always the staff on the ship were wonderful and very attentive. Can't wait for more Shoes Only travel events in the future!  

Without a doubt the best vacation we've ever had! Loved the ship and thoroughly enjoyed our sexy fellow passengers!

We found this cruise even better than last year. While Shoes Only has always been top notch, we found the guests to be more friendly and open.

This was our first lifestyle cruise and we had sooo much fun. Thanks Jonathan and Lori and the Shoes Only crew for a great time!!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rules & Etiquette

For those of you who have joined us on previous cruises you know that the ship is
extremely open minded and loose about rules. There are a few guidelines, which we
ask you to follow out of respect for the crew.

• You must wear clothes when at the dock in St Martin
• You must wear clothes when dining in the restaurants (you can be extremely sexy and revealing but please try to keep your bits and pieces tucked in and covered but shear and even see-through is ok)
• Please put a towel down on any seating inside or outside when Au Naturel
• For the theme parties it is as sexy as you dare right down to nothing if that is your desire
• Please be respectful of the ship’s crew and limit serious sexual play to the following areas: The playrooms (when open), your cabin & the aft pool and hot tub area at night. 

• Finally, the crew is very congenial and playful. They may dance with you and be flirtatious- this is them being friendly and making sure you are enjoying yourself. Please refrain from interacting beyond that with any crew. They can lose their job if it goes beyond that and you would not want to be responsible for that.