Monday, March 11, 2013

Ménage a Asia
                                                                                                  Lifestyle 2014

Yes, for all of you Lusty Loyalty members (those who have traveled previously with are Lusty Loyalty members) you already know the main ingredients of a Shoes adventure that keeps you coming back;

·      Camaraderie
Our famous summer camp for adults atmosphere (always in a 5-star setting)

·      Sexy & Fascinating Couples From Around The World
     “It’s not who throws the party it’s who shows up”

·      Erotic & Sensuous Environment

·      Fabulous Music & Wicked Theme Parties

Now add to this magical, mysterious, beautiful and indulgently sensuous part of the world a sexy cruise with 166 couples aboard the 5-star Paul Gauguin. The ship, full of sexy sailors, will be visiting Singapore, Kula Lumpur, Phuket and the islands of the Andaman Sea. Here you will explore the magnificent beauty by day and the wickedly sensuous delights at night.

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