Monday, October 31, 2011

Excursions - 3rd Annual Erotic 'Au Naturel' Caribbean Cruise - January 21-28, 2011*

ExcursionsShore excursions are fantastic and varied. From aerobic adventures on the world’s most famous islands to horseback riding, hiking and various tours, WindSurf has something for everyone. While many tours are geared towards the adventurous and able-bodied, each excursion has an easy, moderate, or strenuous rating based on physical difficulty, allowing guests to select an excursion that suites their capabilities. Tours are guided by local experts, and may be booked onboard at reception.

The adventure features both the amazing array of activities normally found on a Windstar cruise plus a number of other special activities designed to inspire and titillate our adventurous travelers.

Of course you can always choose to be as active or relaxed as you desire at anytime. So take advantage of the constant opportunities for adventure, stimulus and rigorous activity or just mellow on deck, by the pool or on a private beach. It is your cruise and, of course, always your choice.

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