Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rules & Etiquette

For those of you who have joined us on previous cruises you know that the ship is
extremely open minded and loose about rules. There are a few guidelines, which we
ask you to follow out of respect for the crew.

• You must wear clothes when at the dock in St Martin
• You must wear clothes when dining in the restaurants (you can be extremely sexy and revealing but please try to keep your bits and pieces tucked in and covered but shear and even see-through is ok)
• Please put a towel down on any seating inside or outside when Au Naturel
• For the theme parties it is as sexy as you dare right down to nothing if that is your desire
• Please be respectful of the ship’s crew and limit serious sexual play to the following areas: The playrooms (when open), your cabin & the aft pool and hot tub area at night. 

• Finally, the crew is very congenial and playful. They may dance with you and be flirtatious- this is them being friendly and making sure you are enjoying yourself. Please refrain from interacting beyond that with any crew. They can lose their job if it goes beyond that and you would not want to be responsible for that.

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